You Need Organic Socials (Like, Seriously) And Here’s Why

In the digital age, it’s pretty much impossible to have a successful business without a social media presence. Social media can seriously drive sales up and help you reach a whole new audience. Sure, you can reach people easily through paid ads on socials. But why would you solely do that?

With organic social media, you can take it to an entirely different level. Organic social media is the very best way to get your name out there and start building relationships with your customers in an authentic, honest way. It’s all about creating content that people actually want to engage with – whether that’s through posts, videos or stories. Here’s why we think maintaining organic socials is essential for your business.

It’s Authentic and Engaging

With organic social media, you can create content that speaks directly to your customers and potential clients. This humanizes the relationship between you and them and makes it easier for them to connect with your brand. Plus, this type of content can have equally as much of an impact  – if not more – as paid socials, despite what you may think.

Organic socials helps to establish your brand’s personality. You can create a distinctive brand tone across multiple platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, don’t just stick to one!  Your content should be unique, engaging and tailored to the different platforms, so don’t make the mistake of just reposting across all of them. Otherwise, your followers will feel as though they aren’t receiving an authentic experience from your brand

It’s Cost-Effective

Organic social media is free. All you need are your creative ideas and editing skills (or let us work our magic for you). Once you post something, it’s out there for everyone to see and engage with. You don’t need to monitor paid social reach, who is receiving your message and how much of your budget is being directed towards reaching your audience. Organic social media also has a longer reach as compared to paid ads. You don’t have to pay for each post or every comment to get people’s attention. All you need are some clever content ideas and the dedication to put in the work consistently.

It Allows You to Make a Good First Impression With Your Audience

Organic social media is a great way to make a good first impression on potential customers. When someone comes across your page, they get an instant introduction to what your business is all about. This will give them the necessary details and information they need to decide whether or not they’d like to follow you. If you have content that grabs their attention, they’re more likely to remember your business’ name. You can create engaging and eye-catching content through distinctive colours and a unique brand tone. With platforms including Instagram Reel and TikTok, it’s never been easier to get your name out there and for content to go viral!

If you need help running organic socials, Above& is here to help.  We understand the importance of these platforms and have a team of dedicated professionals ready to create content that will help you stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with us today!