Writing Copy That Sells (But Doesn’t Sound Like a Used Car Dealer)

We all know the feeling of being sold to. Whether you’re looking for a house, shopping around for insurance or even visiting the local car dealership — at one point or another, someone is going to come along and try to sell you the dream. Personally, I cringe at the thought of politely standing there while they unravel their pitch onto me, waxing lyrical about how their product will help me achieve all my hopes and dreams. And the same thing happens when we’re being sold to online.

But sales are part of the game baby. So you need creative copy that gets past the keeper.

#1 Lay Down Your Weapons

It’s no secret that selling online is competitive as hell. Whether you’re appealing to audiences on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Google — your brand’s voice is competing with hundreds of others all the time. But that doesn’t mean you need to shout. Online ads are using more buzzwords than ever to get people through the door, and suddenly, they all sound like used car dealers. 

Instead of doing the same thing, your ads need to make you approachable. Likening your business to the values of your customer and then connecting your customer to the product. Above&’s creative copywriting service helps businesses to speak real language that creates interest rather than demanding attention. Greeting customers with a smile, rather than a catcall from across the street.

#2 Write Copy That Complements Itself

In this era of targeted advertising, you can guarantee that your ad won’t be the only one seen by potential customers. At the same time, you’re probably not going to be just advertising on one channel alone. So the key to standing out from your competitors and making your brand more recognisable is to build a message that is uniquely yours. 

Helping to find that unique angle and creating branding that customers will instantly recognise — that’s our bread and butter. Above&’s goal is to help you tailor your advertising and build relevancy in customers’ minds at every stage of the sales funnel. Meaning you don’t have to push so hard; you just have to be remembered.

#3 Talk About You

All of the most recognisable branding out there has an air of confidence to it. But it’s something that a lot of small businesses tend to lack. Speaking with a voice that says ‘Please give us a try!’ has a lot less weight than one that says ‘This is where it’s at.’

Of course you need to sell the benefits of your product, but when all of your competitors have a product that satisfies the same need — it’s the personality of the brand that really makes the difference. So you’ve got to talk about you, and why you and the customer should be best buds. People want to buy a great product, but they also want to buy from a great business.

There you have it! You could try a million methods to sell your product, but if you’re looking for the one that rules them all, chat to the team at Above&.