Urban Ethos

With a mission to change consumer habits and to promote environmentally conscious choices, our client Urban Ethos needed to reach audiences far and wide. As a business that already had a solid ad strategy in place, we could see that adding some creative flair to the mix would build the ultimate campaign.

Working with brands with such positive values is always rewarding, and watching them kick goals has bought us many smiles. From a local start-up to a buzzing business that is stocked at supermarkets across the country, we have loved growing with you!

FAQS ...

Content makes or breaks a brand. It determines how your audience perceives you, understands you, and if they trust you. 

Through content, you are able to attract customers, engage them and keep them!

This is a fair question to ask! Owning a business is a hands on experience where time is always at a premium. The fact is that if you’re spreading yourself across marketing and every other part of the business, the odds of getting great results are very low. And if you’re not getting great results, then why waste all that effort in the first place?

That’s where Above& comes in. Learning to produce what we do at the quality that we produce it at takes years of learning, practicing, failing and improving. Time that business owners don't have. By investing in a creative agency, you’re getting access to years of collective experience. So you can focus on what you do best, and get the best result the first time round.

Sometimes a bit of trial and error is needed to get the perfect result! In any case, the final result won't be final until you're happy with it.

Our communicative team go to great lengths to make sure that all our clients are happy with the end product and we welcome feedback.

In basic terms, it is someone who influences others. 

Digitally it refers to someone with a loyal and somewhat larger-than-average, digital presence. By leveraging their audience they are able to influence which, is often utilised by brands looking to improve their image and reach more people.